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Senan Hypermarket is large stores offering a wide range of food and non-food items, low prices and targeted promotions: the ideal store format for anyone doing a major shopping trip.

With sales areas of between 1,200 sq.m., Senan’s hypermarket is perfect for all major shopping trips. Senan Hypermarket offers a selection of 20,000 to 60,000 food and non-food products. They cater to every taste and budget and benefit from the best knowhow, with an abundant and lively marketplace, freshly baked food prepared on-site, a full range of services and low prices throughout the year. All in an inviting and family-friendly environment, designed for customer comfort.



A broad product offering with every day low prices

Products are our core business. Our product offer is based on a number of unchanging principles – a broad selection, the lowest prices, the highest quality, compliance with manufacturing conditions and a balanced diet for all – and promotes responsible consumption.

Satisfy the needs of as many people as possible
To cater to the needs of our customers throughout the UAE, we refine our offering to provide them with a selection of fresh products, products from local suppliers, major-brand products, essential non-food items, the best new innovations and day-to-day retail services. Satisfying all our customers is also about being attentive to their expectations in terms of ethics, values, and meaning as well as to certain specific needs.